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Footlighters Announces Auditions for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Footlighters, Inc., is proud to announce auditions for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, running from December 5 until December 21 at the Stained Glass Theatre.

Director: Megan Horton

Producers: Jennifer Day and Eric Day

Vocal Director: Lena Andrews

Music Director: Alan Masters

Choreographer: Kyle Fisher

Assistant Director: Evan Blanton

Stage Manager: Janet Wisner



Monday, July 8, 6:00–9:30 p.m. (First hour reserved for children's chorus)

Tuesday, July 9, 6:00–9:30 p.m. (First hour reserved for children's chorus)

Invited Callbacks: Wednesday, July 10, 7:00 p.m.


Audition Requirements:

  1. Please prepare 32 bars of a contemporary musical theatre song. Children auditioning for the children's chorus may prepare any song of their choosing not to exceed 1 minute.

  2. Dance audition. There will be a dance audition taught after the vocal audition. Please bring clothes you can move in. Children auditioning for the children's chorus + actors only auditioning for the role of Jacob/Potiphar will not be required to attend the dance audition.

  3.  Please bring a resume/headshot and any conflicts from September 2024–December 2024. Note: Saturday, December 21 (closing weekend) will have an afternoon show at 2 p.m. as well as an evening show at 7:30 p.m.

Footlighters, Inc. is a community theatre organization that performs at the Stained Glass Theatre in Newport, KY. These roles are not paid.

To sign up for an audition, please use this link:!/showSignUp/10C0448AEAE2BABFC1-49097882-footlighters 


Character Descriptions:

  • Narrator (Female, Soprano with extended mix/belt, Stage Age 25-45): A character not of the time or place of the action. The Narrator tells the story through word and song, guiding the audience joyfully through the story of Joseph and his brothers.  

  • Joseph (Male, Tenor, Stage Age 20-35): Eleventh son of Jacob. His father's favorite, Joseph early on shows a talent for interpreting dreams and telling the future. Genuine, hopeful.

  • Jacob/Potiphar (Male, Baritone, Stage Age 45-65): The father of twelve sons, his favorite being Joseph. At times he may appear unfair and shallow, but he is, more importantly, the prophet who recognizes the future and the calling of Joseph. Doubles as Potiphar.

  • Mrs. Potiphar (Female, Mezzo Soprano, Stage Age 25-45): Beautiful but evil, Mrs. Potiphar tries to seduce Joseph, but is unsuccessful. Also plays one of the wives. Dance solo.

  • Baker (Male, Baritone, Stage Age 30-45): One of Pharaoh's servants, the Baker is in prison with Joseph, who correctly interprets his dreams and predicts that he will be put to death. Played by one of the brothers.

  • Butler (Male, Baritone, Stage Age 30-50): Another of Pharaoh's servants, the Butler is also in prison with Joseph, who also correctly interprets his dreams, this time that he will be released and taken back into Pharaoh's household. It is the Butler who tells Pharaoh about Joseph and his uncanny ability with dreams. Played by one of the brothers.

  • Pharaoh (Male, Baritone, Stage Age 40-60): The most powerful man in Egypt, Pharaoh is considered a god on earth. When Joseph interprets his dreams, he promotes him to one of the highest positions in his government. Pharaoh is portrayed as an Elvis Presley-style figure. Confident. Excellent vocalist.

  • Joseph’s Brothers (Male or Female, Stage Ages 19-45)

    • Reuban: Sings lead on "One More Angel in Heaven"

    • Simeon: Sings lead on "Those Canaan Days"

    • Levi

    • Judah: Sings lead on "Benjamin Calypso"

    • Dan

    • Naphtali

    • Gad

    • Asher

    • Issachar

    • Zebulun

    • Benjamin: Youngest son of Jacob. Joseph accuses him of stealing the golden cup.

  • The Wives (6, Female, Stage Ages 20-40): The actresses playing the wives also double as Ishmaelites, Egyptians, and servants of Potiphar. 

  •  Children's Chorus (6-8 children, Stage Ages 8-14)


Note: We are committed to the safety of everyone involved in this production. Footlighters requires that all production staff, cast, and crew bring proof of their COVID vaccination status to the first rehearsal.

For any questions, please contact Director Megan Horton at

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