Nov. 21 - Dec. 7, 2013 (All tickets $20)

Book, music and lyrics by Dan Goggins

Directed by Norma Niinemets

In NUNSENSE I, when a wacky nun known as Sister Mary Amnesia regained her memory she recalled that she always wanted to be a country singer. In NUNSENSE II her dream became one step closer to reality when Reverend Mother landed a recording contract for her. In this show, NUNSENSE JAMBOREE, her dream has been realized as she headlines a brand new show promoting her debut album "I Could've Gone to Nashville." You say you're not a country music fan? Don't worry-this country music is "NUNSENSE Theatrical Style" guaranteed to please any NUNSENSE fan!


Sister Mary Paul (AKA Amnesia)Cathy Lutts
Sister Robert AnnJennifer Richardson
Sister Mary WilhelmJill Herzner
Sister Mary LeoMegan Hudson
Father Virgil TrottJon Vater


Presented with permission of Tams-Witmark.